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Breakfast in Granada
12 Sep

How to Eat Breakfast in Granada

How to eat breakfast in Granada – A Quick Guide

If you´re anything like me, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! With the rise of Airbnb more and more visitors to Granada look for breakfast in a local cafe-bar. There are umpteen options in the city so finding a spot certainly isn´t a problem.  It´s more a question of how to order and what to order that can confuse people.  Savoury or sweet is the big decision.  Many Spanairds will have “second breakast” and so the first one (usually in their home) will be a quick, sweet affair (think a bowl of cereal or just a black coffee).

Here are some suggestions of what to order as you set out to explore this marvellous city, followed by a short list of local cafe-bars located in different areas of Granada. And if you want the personal touch, book a Local Life Food Tour with me to learn how eat breakfast in Granada like a granadino!

What to drink for breakfast?

Let´s start with a coffee to wake you up!  There are many ways to order this and here are some of the main choices: cafe con leche (half coffee, half milk), manchada (less coffee, more milk), cortado (more coffee, less milk) or café solo (black coffee).  Often these will be served in a glass instead of a cup.  And on a hot day, why not ask for un vaso con hielo (a glass of ice) to make it your own iced coffee!

Although coffee is inevitably the favourite breakfast beverage, cafe-bars now often have a good range of teas on offer. Order té negro or té desayuno if you´re after what the British would have or choose from a list of herbal teas: manzanilla (camomile), rooibus / té rojo (red), menta poleo (peppermint), té verde (green) are amongst the most common options.

Other choices to order are zumo de naranja (freshly squeezed orange juice) or batido (various flavours of milkshake).

What to eat for breakfast….

My all time favourite is a mollete but let´s come to that in a minute.  Depending on where you are most bars serve toasted, baguette-style bread in full or half sizes (tostada entera or media tostada).  Or order brown bread if you´re feeling healthy (pan integral).  What to have on it varies: butter and jam (mantequilla y mermelada) for those with a sweet tooth.  Or have it with tomate (grated tomate paste).  Or keep it all together more simple by just adding olive oil (aceite) and a sprinkle of salt (sal).

Personally, I love molletes, a softer than the baguette style bread, round and totally delicious. Usually they are served oozing with butter and jam or with olive oil and a slice of all important Spanish ham!

Just some cafe-bars where you can eat breakfast in Granada are listed below (not all the usual suspects!)

San Anton & Alhamar area

Belle Epoque – Apol – Mayerling – Pastelería El Sol (all on calle Alhamar) – Loft Café (on calle San Antón)

Bib-Rambla area

Churrería Alhambra – La Seda – Il Cafe di Roma – Gran Café Bib Rambla (all on Bib Rambla square)

Centre & Cathedral area

Lío – Sancho – Via Colón – Bernina (several to choose from in the city) – Pastelería Lopez Mezquita – Cafe Baraka

Plaza del Carmen & Fuente de la Batalla area

Cafetería Alameda – Café Fútbol – La Cueva de 1900 – Taberna del Jam – Mariscal Deli

Enjoy exploring all the cafe-bars around town, let me know which one was your favourite while in Granada.  Or better still book a Local Life Foodie Tour with us if you want start your day off well with a tasty second breakfast and learn about this fabulous city.