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Granada Tapas Tour Tapa Team
24 Jul

Meet the Tapa Tours Team Members

Welcome to Granada Tapas Tours and I hope you really enjoy your visit to this fabulous city. Our aim is to show you what eating tapas is all about – Granada style! Forget what you´ve learned in other parts of Spain, Granada has something special and we want you to live, learn and experience it. A Granada Tapas Tour is unique, different, they´re not set in stone, they´re not scripted and we go to a variety of bars depending on the time of year, the day of the week, the needs of the particular visitor (vegetarian, pescaterian, vegan) all with the aim to give you an authentic, local experience in Granada. So let´s introduce the dedicated, local, helpful and knowledgeable individuals who will make this happen.

Granada Tapas Tours Team members

Granada Tapa Tours Team

Ramon, Roberto, Gayle, Gaby, Cat

Let´s start with Ramon  born to multi-national parents he´s the trilingual one of the team, speaking Spanish, German and English. Ramon is a true Hispanophile and will entertain with little known anecdotes and his friendly, informative nature. His favourite tour is the Craft Beer and Tasty Tapas route.

Next up is Roberto – born and bred in Granada, Roberto will take great care of you with his calm nature, informative anecdotes and little surprises along with way. He´s the countryside expert and a fitness fan (hiking and skiing) and of course he certainly knows his local food and wine! Roberto does a great Customised Private Tapa Tour

Gayle, long time Granada resident and company owner – I´ve been here for 22 years, living every minute like a local. On my tour we´ll talk about not only food and wine but everything from bullfighting to bureaucracy, from festivals to flamenco, from the Monarchy to mosques. I normally do the Classic Lunch Tapas Tour or the Local Life Foodie Tour 

Moving on to Gaby – a native Argentinian Gaby is an Alhambra Palace expert, ask her a question about this marvellous monument and she´ll know the answer! As well as history and monuments Gaby has a wide knowledge of Spanish food and drink thanks to having lived in various parts of Andalucia over the years she´s been here.  She often does the Moorish Albaicin Tapas Tour

And finishing with Cat – married to a local granadino and living the Spanish dream, Cat is originally from Australia and will teach you a thing or two about the city, it´s food and culture, as well as share her particular Granada love story. Her favourite tour is the evening Hidden Gems Tour

The Granada Tapas Tours team is here to help you make your stay in the city more enjoyable. Come join us!