Typical Tapas on a Granada Tapas Tour

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Tapas in Granada
1 Sep

Typical Tapas on a Granada Tapas Tour

Some typical tapa choices on a Granada Tapas Tour

Granada has a plethora of tapas! There are new modern, fusion-inspired ones being created all the time but this post is going to cover (just some!) of the typical tapas you might get served in Granada´s bars. Once you´ve done one of the six tours we offer at Granada Tapas Tour, the next time you go into a bar in the city you´ll know more than you did before! You´ll feel more comfortable about ordering and understand what is put down in front of you to eat.  Below you´ll find a simply but very effective translation, glossary and pronunciation guide.  It by no means covers all the tapas choices in Granada but will certainly help you on your way – enjoy!

Top 10 Typical Tapas in Granada (with glossary & pronunciation guide):

*capital letters show word stress when pronouncing

Tapa (Spanish) Translation (English) Pronunciation
ARROZ Rice, meat & veg – not paella! (ar-ROTH)
BERENJENAS CON MIEL Fried aubergines with honey (ber-en-HEN-ass con ME-ell)
CARRILLADA Stewed pork in a sauce (car-eeh-YA-da)
CROQUETAS Croquettes (crow-KET-ass)
HABAS CON JAMÓN Broad beans & Spanish ham (ABASS con hamON)
MIGAS Fried breadcrumbs, garlic & chorizo (ME-gas)
PIMIENTOS RELLENOS Stuffed red peppers (peem-eeh-ENN-toss ray-YEN-oss)
PINCHO MORUNO Meat on a skewer (peen-choo mow-ROO-no)
PISTO Spanish `ratatouille´ (PEACE-toe)
SETAS SALTEADAS Fried, tossed mushrooms (set-ass sal-tay-ADD-ass)
Typical tapas


When it comes to ordering drinks tapas are served with most choices.  However, stronger alcohol (licor) is not typical.  The Spanish leave gin, vodka or whisky for after food! Beer and wine are the most common options. A very popular choice to look out for is tinto de verano (this is not sangría but similar), a very refreshing red wine based drink. Mosto (apple / grape juice) makes a nice, thirst quenching change from the `usual suspect´ soft drinks.  And even if you order bottled water, you´ll still get a tapa!

Remember to book your Granada Tapas Tour with the team in advance.  You´ll learn so much more about what the Granada tapas scene is all about!

Drinks Translation Pronunciation
AGUA CON GAS Sparkling water (AH-gwa con gas)
AGUA SIN GAS Still (bottled) water (AH-gwa seen gas)
CAÑA  Small draught beer (CAN-ya)
CERVEZA  Beer – in general…! (ser-VESsa)
MOSTO Still apple / grape juice (MOSS-toe)
TINTO  Red wine (TEEN-toe)
TINTO DE VERANO  Red wine spritzer (TEEN-toe day ver-ANO)
TUBO  Larger draught beer (TWO-bow)
VINO BLANCO  White wine (VEEN-oh blanco)