Tapas Culture

Tapas in Granada

Tapas are a very characteristic part of Spanish eating and vary greatly from region to region. Our philosophy is to not only take you on a tapas tour but to help you have a food `experience´. We want to explain the food, the wine, the beer, where it came from, introduce you to the bar owners and prepare you to go out in Granada and do it yourselves during your stay in the city.

Modern Tapas

Many think tapas are snacks, to be eaten before going on to have a meal or going home to eat with the family. Taking into account that many Spanairds don’t have lunch until around 3pm, a quick tapa at 1pm is a good way to stave off the hunger pangs. However, it is also common practice to replace lunch/dinner and go out for tapas – after 3 or 4 rounds you won’t need a full meal afterwards!

Granada Tapas

In Granada, the tapa system is even more unique! Forget what you’ve experienced in Seville or Madrid or Málaga where the tapas have to be bought — this is Granada style. And don’t think you’ll just be offered a tiny plate of olives or some crisps on a plate… You will be pleasantly surprised with what’s on offer.  Competition is tough in the city so the standards are high!